Why Little Mummy Running Loves Absolute Aloe.


This week the lovely Rebecca Baxter, my local representative for Absolute Aloe dropped off a fabulous hamper of goodies for me to try and review. Struggling to enforce my own rules on finding ‘me time’ I jumped at the chance for a little bit of a pamper. A fellow mummy, Rebecca was able to point out a few products that had the added bonus of treating some common ailments currently being suffered by my monkeys too. These products were a total win win as a result. As I only had a limited amount of time, I am going to review just three of the products I rated top of my Christmas list.

Aloe Scrub

This is a scrub for face and body. It is £13.44 to buy but I would say well worth it. It left my face feeling very fresh and rejuvenated. What mummy doesn’t want to give the impression of a fresh and well rested complexion? Let’s be honest the product cannot work miracles, however a few minutes on a morning to feel a little bit more awake can boost your confidence. Hubby also gave this product a whirl and loved it too. Usually a soap and water man, he said it made his skin feel great. A real treat for his sleep deprived complexion too.

Aloe Vera Gelly

Now this product did produce a miracle in my home. £12.73 to buy it is magic. On the day that Rebecca and her wonderful hamper arrived, TM had a viral/eczema break out. Head to toe itchy and sore. Ouch! Now TM is a particular breed of monkey also known as the Fussy Fusspot. He hates to take medicines and will never have cream on his skin. We have managed all sorts of outbreaks and sores without the assistance of calpol, antihistamines or E45. I wonder if he is even my child some days, as I remember loving calpol as a child. I once drank almost a whole bottle, when my mum left it out on the kitchen counter!

Having explained what had happened, Rebecca immediately pointed me in the direction of the gelly, which I showed to TM later that evening. He was particularly struggling with his feet and hands and amazingly he allowed me to put some on. He loved it. The cooling gel really helped him to settle and he slept well as a result. The following morning it was a god send again when he needed to put on his school shoes. Other mums have told me that it is great for bumps and scrapes and a must in your first aid cabinet. It has the gold star approval from me for the simple fact it turned Mr Fussy into Mr Happy for me.

Aloe Bath Gelee

This product was my favourite, because in order to test it I was forced to make time to have a bath. The last time that this happened was immediately after the birth of BM for recuperation purposes only. I had a choice of two bath products, the other being the Aroma Spa Collection, Relaxation Bath Salts. This contained lavender for a relaxed frame of mind. Unfortunately the time available for the bath was about 11am on a Sunday morning, once the monkeys were occupied with a movie. I could not risk feeling more tired than I already was, so opted for the Bath Gelee as it claimed to “relieve fatigue”. The other thing that I liked about this product was that it was for bath or shower. This meant that it had less chance of sitting on my bathroom windowsill gathering dust waiting for the next bath.

The Gelee costs £14.47 and again it was lovely. It produced lots of lovely bubbles which meant that I felt less like a wallowing hippo, as my lumps and bumps were fully covered. Luxurious to the max. I managed 20 minutes of complete peace and got out of the bath feeling completely revived. Put it this way, I have already ordered myself a bottle as a special Christmas present to me.

So why do I love Absolute Aloe

The answer is easy. It made me feel great at the same time as making it easy for me to feel great. The products are well made. Maybe a little bit more expensive but not a disappointment. The most important thing however was the vesatility of the products and their ability to work well for my whole family. At a time in my life when I struggle to buy for myself it made it easy to indulge. If mummy is happy then so are the monkeys.

If you are interested in purchasing a little bit of Absolute Aloe pampering then follow the link to Rebecca’s sellers page. Rebecca Baxter Absolute Aloe or search for Absolute Aloe on Facebook.


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