Today I’ve been building…


Today I’ve been building a cool car and going on holiday with the Middle Monkey!

I have also been working on the next post while Baby Monkey sleeps. The plan had been to walk the school run today but some scary weather has descended. Am I going to give myself a hard time? No, because if I made them walk a mile and a half in the rain and wind the monkeys would give me a harder time. There will be a consistent theme running through my blog. Be realistic and don’t worry if things don’t turn out how you wanted them to. One thing I have learned as a parent to three little monkeys is to go with the flow. If it’s all going wrong, take a deep breath, retreat to the quiet part of your brain, regroup, make a new plan and set off again. Just another day in the Monkey house. Stay tuned the master plan is on the way…


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