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Well folks, we’ve hit a problem. My first big hump in the road. I’m injured. I neglected my own advice and started too fast and too soon. My knee is agony. I can walk on it but I cannot walk or run uphill. I took BM out for a walk around the block on Friday which resulted in me limping home. (Insert crying sad face here). So what do I do now? Give in? Retreat to my sofa to drink gin and eat chocolate? (Ha ha, as if I get to sit on my sofa much). Nope. Now I have to find more time to get race fit again. (Insert a very heavy sigh here). I don’t know why this is bothering me, as I have been nagging you all about taking a bit of time to look after You since the beginning…

Taking care of me…

So what is the plan now? I have 5 weeks to get myself back up to scratch. Again, it’s not about being perfect, but if I cannot even walk on the knee, this race is a none starter. Not a stranger to this type of knee injury, I know exactly what is required. Rest, specific exercises, repeated as many times a day as time will allow and a plan to slowly get moving again. Of course, once the muscles around my knee are working as they should. I am armed now with the NHS Knee Exercises for Runners. If these muscles haven’t been used properly for a while they become loose and saggy. A bit like me all over really. If they aren’t strengthened properly your kneecap sits in the wrong place and when under pressure the bones rub together. Ouch. I know this because I have seen a physiotherapist before. I was an over weight teenager and when I started exercising in my late teens I never looked after myself. I threw myself into fads that never lasted and resulted in said injury.

One other injury I sustained in my twenties, was a dislocated shoulder that was the result of a drunken fall upstairs. The shoulder popped out then in again and I never went for treatment. I later took up kickboxing which resulted in another dislocation. After seeing a physiotherapist this time I discovered that I have hyperextension in my joints. If I had taken care of myself over the years I would be super bendy and able to withstand certain pressures on my joints. The long and short of it, contact sports would lead to more dislocations. So I gave up. Which is a shame as I loved kickboxing. Once a week for an hour I was a total ninja warrior. I could even do a turning back kick. I’d come home and practice on Mr LMR, by trying to kick him in the face when he least expected it. It never happened as he is almost a foot taller than me. Amazing. Anyway I digress…

The most important thing now is to look after myself. Not just because of this challenge, but because I need to be fighting fit everyday. For my monkeys. To keep this little boat afloat. Not just for the physical demands but my own emotional demands. As we have already established I’m no good to the monkeys if my head isn’t straight. So 15 minutes of squats, lunges, one legged dips, thigh contractions, straight leg raises and illiotibial band stretches it is. Longer term these exercises will need to factor in my runs too as they need to stay strong. I’m a flat footed potatoe and therefore my knees role inwards. As if I hadn’t painted a cool enough picture of myself so far.

Couch to 5k in whatever time suits you…

Well if the exercises work, I should be up on my feet in a week or so. In the meantime I intend to keep walking. Pain allowing. I have downloaded the NHS Couch to 5k app on to my phone to try out too. It is a steady step into running. Although I was surprised to see that the recommended first outing includes running/walking for 60/90 minute intervals. In my experience I would say that this is fine for someone who has some experience of exercise. However, if you have been on your couch for any length of time without exercise such a step could be too much. If this is the case then just walk. Follow the advice on the app for planning your route and the days you will go out. Rummage through your drawers for some shabby clothes suitable for running. First steps out the door needn’t be about running. I have previously followed the Runners World Run Your Belly Off programme. It follows many of the same principles, however for the first week or so it suggests walking your route. Getting used to making time for yourself and strengthening your muscles. So this is my plan. 3 to 4 trips out round the block. Headphones on enjoying some inspirational tunes. Hopefully, my knee will allow this as I am already craving my new found freedom.

In conclusion, I must remind myself again that my body can and will do amazing things if I let it. I have recovered from major abdominal surgery after my c section. At the same time carrying a new born weighing 10lb 7oz. Overcoming daemons alone because I was too afraid to ask for help. Two natural deliveries, one so fast I barely made it to the hospital after my waters broke. Very undignified moments in the car park during visiting hours (shudder). If I do not remind myself then the negatives will begin to creep in again, tell me I am not good enough, that I am injured because my body can’t do it. I won’t let this happen because I can and I will do this. Because I deserve my little piece of freedom and the confidence that comes from achieving your goals. Right, now I need to set my alarm for 5am just to fit in the extra work. Just kidding, I would never get up at 5am if I didn’t need to.



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