1. Gemma Sparrow

    Loved reading this during the 3am feed! So real! And it’s definately motivating me to plan some exercise too! Thanks little mummy running! Xx

    • Brilliant, Louise! Loved reading this. Very real and very entertaining. So this is what those of us just to day managing with one baby have to look forward to if we plan for siblings…. can’t wait, haha! Thanks for sharing. One day I’m sure your 3 lil monkeys will love to read this 🙂 x x

  2. Liz

    Brilliant way to turn an epic ‘Walk to School Week’ into something positive Louise – and of course you can laugh whilst looking back, which is the best way to keep sane! Keep going LMR x

  3. Aisling

    Little mummy running, loving the blog Louise:)

    I also turned to running after Cuisle was born. In Ireland and Spain the family watched her when Wolf and I went out. The gift of 40 minutes alone, thinking of nothing was motivation enough. It was freedom!! We also bought a running buggy though which was really worth the investment. The Bee-Fenix’s have clocked up quite a few kilometres together:). I find it much easier to fit in (cause baby can come too) and more effective for clearing my mind than yoga at the moment. Its nice of course to do a bit of yoga with Cuisle but that’s not me time that’s us time.

    I am back at work now and fitting in shorter runs at lunchtimes. Mornings and evenings are no good through the week, that is our only time in the day to chat and play with Cuis now she is in Kita all day.

    Be careful of your pelvic floor with the running in the beginning. Make sure you do some pelvic floor exercises at home

    Enjoy the running adventures and I look forward to the next installment:)

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