1. Liz

    Beautifully written Louise, such kind words for your friend and her family and what you say is true, the smallest gesture can mean the world to someone how is secretly trying to keep their head above water. I hope anyone who reads this blog post shares it, and it might just reach one person who needs it in that moment.

    Oh and my life raft is not without holes but you are welcome on board any time xxx

  2. Donna Solomon

    A lovely message. It just makes you realise how heart breaking PND can be. Reading the beautiful messages people have written about Heather makes you realise what a wonderful person she was x

  3. Dorothy Spencer

    Beautiful words I only knew Heather through messages we had exchanged regarding the craft event she had organised but she sounded so lovely I was looking forward to meeting her this Thursday. Sadly this will never happen. Rest in Peace dear Heather xxx

  4. Ashley flynn

    Lovely, honest and genuine. You brought a tear to my eye. My Bro will do his best to continue Heather’s amazing work x

  5. Georgina

    Amazing words Louise, so true. Heather was a beautiful woman who had time for everyone. Made me sob a little reading this, keep up the great work you’re doing. X

  6. Beverley

    I came across this from a link Emily had. Beautifully written x
    I will never forget when my baby was a tiny baby and you came to my door with a food parcel and a hug. Took him from me and gave me an hour to feel “me” again. It can be the most simple of things that can mean the world x

  7. Jacqueline Webb

    A fitting tribute to an amazing lady. Heather was, as my daughter Mary put it a beacon of joy. She was so kind and thoughtful. We are lucky to have met her. So sad, if only we could have known, and helped her through this. She will be missed by so many people including me. She will live on through Ollie and Dylan.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss, Louise. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks and I’m just catching up with your blog. What a beautifully written post and lovely tribute to Heather. It shows just how crippling PND can be and how lonely parenting can sometimes feel. I’m sure your words will be of comfort and support to those mummies experiencing PND. I’m sending a cuddle to you.

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