Circular recovery

Being unwell is hard work. I had hoped that recovery would be easier than this. Problem is I have two issues that are directly in conflict with each other and the answers just aren’t that simple. In the past whenever there is a problem I like to educate myself, make a plan and sort it … [Read more…]

Runners Knees

Here we are on another sunny autumn Sunday. No event running this week. Back in the park for Great run Local. Although this week it nearly didn’t happen. I appear to be a bit injured after last week. It’s my knees this time. I am hoping it is nothing serious but my goodness they ache … [Read more…]

The Monday Morning Project

Being laid back is one thing but being habitually late is another. Once it has become a problem it’s time to tackle this issues. That’s why we started The Monday Morning Project in the Monkey House. This is how we got on.