1. Sarah Li-Rouse

    I would love one of your t-shirts, I am a complete novice to running, I thought I would give it a go as it’s a great way to take a break from being a mum and get fit at the same time! I have managed to build up to 5k in a couple of weeks, to be honest I’m not enjoying it and still trying to find the running bug but I am going to persevere and hoping to inspire my 10 year old daughter to join me at a few park runs.

    • Hi Sarah, thank you. I have seen your messages on FB and will get you sorted with a t-shirt as soon as we get them. As for the running, give it time. I am working on a beginners guide to getting started targeted at those without the bug. Definitely one for you to look out for. I must find more time to write it 😉 xxx

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