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imageI am Louise and I am a little mummy running. Welcome to my health and well-being blog. I am 5 foot 1 inch in my bare feet, 39 years of age and the mother of three little monkeys. Top Monkey (TM) my first born boy. Middle Monkey (MM) second born boy. Finally, Little Miss Monkey (LMM). My most recent addition, a girl toddler with a lot of attitude.

I’m a working mummy with a busy life attempting to master the art of multitasking and as you can imagine my life is busy with the three of them. This is the main reason I am the Little Mummy Running. I feel like I never stop from morning until bedtime (whenever that may be).

A little bit of history

I also used to love to run. Not far or fast but whenever I could around working and monkey wrangling. It was my little slice of me time. An endorphin fuelled hit of self care. I say “used to” because in 2017 after an injury applied the breaks, I was diagnosed with Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction. In a nutshell the arch of my left foot has collapsed and my Posterior Tibial Tendon is now like an overstretched elastic band.

The PTTD took away my run and for a while walking too. I realised that I had become reliant on the little bit of me time to stay sane. Underlying issues came to the surface and I crumbled. An injured neck followed and a psychiatrist’s report contained the words “anxiety” and “depression”. Undiagnosed post natal depression had finally caught up with me.

The (Not so) Mindful Mother

After a significant period of time wallowing in self pity, I started to put myself back together. Help from the NHS, a personal trainer and some amazing family and friends got me back on track. I began to read a lot and learnt about Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques. My brain and body became my new project.

My blog is about my self care, fitness, Mental and physical well-being. It’s also about doing my best to set a good example for the monkeys and keep them fit and well physically and mentally too. It is set to the back drop of life as a working mother of three. My mindful mantras are more “ensure no one dies today” rather than “I am an amazing mother”. Don’t expect posts about daily greatness but little triumphs when I fit a 12 minute workout around cooking the kids pasta. Or give myself a break when I lose the plot over a badly timed monkey poo!

I’m not perfect or pristine and my pictures won’t be filtered or altered. What you see is what you get. My opinions are my own and based around techniques I have read and tried myself. I am not an expert. Just a mother trying to be enough for her family.

So join me running with them, for them and, when it gets too much, sometimes away from them.


  1. Coops

    Hey well done you ….. No demanding children … But a busy and hectic job, a divorce nightmare to negotiate … With input from little running mummy I might add … And a couple of stone to rid myself of ….. Tips always welcome xx

  2. love it! Well done Louise. You’ve hit the nail in the head with this blog. Keep writing. Keep running. Keep sane. Continue to be a great mum and a great gal. Don’t forget who you are, which is harder than people think when you are so focussed on everything BUT who you are, because you’re busy caring for the people you love. This is fab. I’m tweeting.

  3. Good on you, Louise! I admire how calm and collected you appear despite have three little ones to look after and think it’s great that you aim to incorporate some ‘me-time’ in the form of running into your busy schedule. I’m sure that I’ve heard about a running group for new mums that takes place at Ropner Park (not sure what day/ time) but if you fancy giving it a go; we could meet up for a jog around the park with the babies in our buggies? 🙂 x x

  4. Kim

    Love it ! Running is a great skill for you to embrace especially as you attract the more disconcerting characters in our society ! My husband runs and finds it great for stress relief and gives time to put things in perspective ! I would join him but too many hills round here need a flatter terrain to build my tolerance up first ! Am sure you will have many exciting adventures along the way and look forward to you sharing it on here !

  5. deborah

    I’m new to your blog….new to blog full stop…and loving it. You are indeed an inspiration. As mother of 5 I know only too well how easily YOU can get lost to the point of not even recognising who YOU is. Keeping a piece of you safe in a pocket somewhere to remind yourself you’re real and matter. You are a darling and a joy….I’m an avid reader …keep it up. xxx

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