• I have been following the Blurt Foundation for a while and they are wonderful. Their ideas are so simple but clever and delivered with humour and care x

  1. WE all need to look after ourselves, how are we meant to look after anyone else if we let ourselves go. A few of my close family members have blamed my illness on my not looking after myself and doing too much. I can’t say whether it’s true or not as no-one can tell me why I got ill, but they probably have a point. I hope your 31 day project goes well and that you carry with it for longer even if it’s not every day x

    • The Blurt Foundation do a #365daysofselfcare challenge. My 31 days is to highlight some of the little things we can do to show ourselves a little bit of love. My hope is to find a few regular things to continue with in the hope that I cope well when I return to work in September. So far I have pre prepared a healthy breakfast and attempted a better night’ sleep. Everyone deserves a little bit of self care x

  2. I have needed this advice for such a long time so thank you for your post and the link.
    I keep promising myself a run and never find the time – you are so right though.self care xx

    • I am posting a daily update on my social media if you want to follow me there. The Blurt Foundation are amazing. I totally recommend checking them out. I’ll be reviewing their buddy box soon. So keep a look out. I’m so excited x

    • Also have a look at my runner’s world run streak post. It highlights the benefits of just running a mile at a time. A short time and distance is worth it for the overall benefit x

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