Runners Knees

Here we are on another sunny autumn Sunday. No event running this week. Back in the park for Great run Local. Although this week it nearly didn’t happen. I appear to be a bit injured after last week. It’s my knees this time. I am hoping it is nothing serious but my goodness they ache this morning. To test them out it was an easy 2k.

Downhill sprints

Firstly what has happened? Well after last weeks fabulous run at Guisborough forest I feel as though I have had my knee caps removed and replaced the wrong way round! Not in agony but a persistent ache especially painful going up and down stairs. Ouch!

It is of course my own fault. I mean why did I think downhill sprints were a good idea? The uphill plod was so tedious that I just got carried away. I forget I am 41 not 14 some days.

In other news

I have not been great this week. On the outside smiling but on the inside struggling. I feel so exhausted every day at the minute. Life is overwhelming some days. However, I am not going down like this. I’m talking and I am moving. One foot in front of the other.

Today I didn’t want to run and my knees would have been the perfect excuse. However, this is my medication. The thing that keeps my brain ticking as it should (or as close as possible). 5k was out of the question but 2k would be enough to test out the knees with hopefully not too much damage.

On your marks

I’ll be honest it wasn’t easy today however I am pleased I went. My boys ran and did well too. The pooch came too and was surprisingly well behaved on his new harness. Today was not about speed it was just about putting one foot in front of the other.

My knees are not better but they are not destroyed. No training runs planned for the rest of the week. A bit of dog walking and strength training. Just keep moving. Keeping my head strong is about moving, talking and strength. On the bad days just move on the good days take the world by storm. Just don’t sprint downhill. That is painful.



  1. Gemma Sparrow

    You are an inspiration Louise, I keep reading your posts to motivate me to get out and exercise. Keep going, I love your posts xxx

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