Solomon’s Monster Truck

  Here we are then, at the end of February half term. We all survived. Well everyone except my purse and my patience. To be fair, it hasn’t been too bad really. TM and MM apear to be becoming good play buddies. A lot of this is to do with MM reaching new milestones with … [Read more…]

It’s time to talk!

Today is Time to Talk day. So in honour of this I am going to share some things with you. Today is all about encouraging people to talk about mental health. Not just serious mental illness but just how you are feeling. This is a topic that, as you know I feel passionately about. Sometimes … [Read more…]

Goodbye January, Goodbye SAD Sack

This weekend we say goodbye January 2016. I for one am over the moon with this. January to me is the worst month of the year. Despite never having been formally diagnosed, I am fairly confident that I suffer with┬áSeasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In November and December I have Christmas to keep me busy and … [Read more…]

Little Mummy Out of Order

Well folks, we’ve hit a problem. My first big hump in the road. I’m injured. I neglected my own advice and started too fast and too soon. My knee is agony. I can walk on it but I cannot walk or run uphill. I took BM out for a walk around the block on Friday … [Read more…]