Dear Runnersworld

Dear Runnersworld (UK and USA), 

I am writing to you with a confession. For the last 17 days I have been taking part in your Winter Run Streak. Since the 24th November I have made time to run 1 mile a day until today. I am writing this letter to you today to confess that I am about to break the rules and I need your forgiveness.

A little Mummy Running

Here’s a little bit about me, to help you understand. I am a mummy to three little monkeys. Aged 6, 4 and 15 months. I am only little at 5 foot 1 inch and I run. To be clear I don’t run fast and I don’t run far. I don’t measure my distance or speed. To me it is just a simple pleasure and a tiny slice of freedom.

I run with my non specially designed for running pushchair sometimes but I love to run alone. Or sometimes with other mummies. Because I need a break from all the craziness and pressures that being a parent brings. To have a straight thought that has a beginning, a middle and an end. My monkeys are only small and they need me. I go to work for 24 hours of my week. So my opportunities to run are slim.

Against all the odds

It’s been hard at times but so far I have done it. Just one mile, nothing more, but it’s been just enough. Despite sleepless nights tending sick, teething and injured monkeys. A meeting that overran until 8.30pm and Mr LMR had to race home to allow me 20 minutes before bed. (It’s frowned upon to go for a run and leave your children home alone, even if they are in bed asleep you know.)

An exhausted mind and acheing limbs. I’ve even taken the monkeys with me. That was fun (sort of). Setting the alarm for 5.45am to squeeze that mile in before work. Finding the energy and willpower to brave the dark and the cold. “It’s only a mile” is my new mantra. Despite all this I have clocked up my miles. Before today a whole 16.

So here’s the thing

“Well done” I hear you say, but why the need for forgiveness? So here is the thing. Today is my sister’s birthday. She is having a party and all three monkeys are staying out for the first time without me. In preparation my Little Miss Monkey decided not to sleep at all last night. She would pretend to but then wake up again. Between Mr LMR and I we did our best to work it out and finally at 4am the house fell silent.

Before I fell asleep I turned off the alarm. Sleep was suddenly more important than my run. Even a mile would have been too much. All the hard work and effort came to a head at that point. As I fell aslee I hatched a little plan and it is for this that I am seeking forgiveness.

The plan

Even though I was exhausted I took advantage of Mr LMR being home and I went out for a run. Just enough energy for a mile I pushed myself and did two. I walked slowly back home from my two laps of the park. The last of my energy draining out of my body and down the street into the drains behind me.

My plan was this. Take off a little bit of pressure. Run two miles today so that if I drink a little too much tonight. Enjoy my freedom. Sleep in. Then get back to my monkeys and spend time with them. Not to mention getting back into the Sunday night routine of pre school/work prep. Just in case there isn’t any time to run.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Good question. Well Runners World this is why. Because in the last couple of weeks you have been my saviour. Lots of things have happened and I have coped better because of my daily mile. My updates on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have provided me with support from both friends and strangers. The idea alone motivated me to get out at a time of year I would really struggle to stay sane. I don’t want to feel like I have let you down.

Therefore, I ask for your blessing to skip one mile. Just one. I promise you will see me out and about on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and every day in between. I’ll keep promoting the #rwwinterrunstreak throughout December. I will tell anyone who will listen because I think it is brilliant. So simple and achievable, even for me.

What do you say Runnersworld? Am I forgiven?

Kindest regards

Little Mummy Running xxx


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