Day 23: Finished for Christmas

Today I finished work for Christmas. It is a total relief. Even though my working days are possibly the least chaotic times in my week, the chaos which surrounds it makes it significantly more stressful. Please read There’s Half a Plastic Chicken in my Designer Handbag for a greater analysis of the blurred lines between working and parenting. With the grown up stuff finished I got to school early for a very special hour with my Middle Monkey.

Christmas Crafts

Middle’s class were having a Christmas Craft afternoon. Time for parents to come and craft with the kids. Now I love a bit of craft but craft at home with unpredictable monkeys has often resulted in disaster. Time with Middle and his love of make and do however, was too much to resist. The perfect start to my Christmas break.

I can promise you that just seeing his face when I arrived was enough to make the mad dash from work worth it. The worries of what I might have forgotten to do disappeared the moment he led me to the “make your own reindeer dust” area. Over our hour we coloured by numbers, made Christmas decorations, finger painted a Christmas candy cane picture and decorated a gingerbread man with a very fetching pair of marshmallow shoes.

Mammy your the Best

Ok. So this parenting malarkey isn’t always perfect. In fact it really is hard work especially in the run up to Christmas. However, taking the opportunities when they arise to be “the best” like I was to Middle Monkey today are so worth it. In fact I laughed on the way home whilst Top and Middle had a heated arguement about who had fish goujons for lunch today. Something I normally would have struggled with after a day at work.

In the overwhelming, pressure pot of Christmas I found my peace on earth along with my mile for my #rwwinterrunstreak today. A rare moment alone with my Middle Monkey and a bit of crafty fun.


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