Day 21: Another note to the sleep deprived

It’s Day 21 of my #rwwinterrunstreak. I’m still going but I am currently racking up a number of sleepless nights that are making this so much more difficult. It may only be a mile but a mile on lead legs with a heavy head, my goodness. Help me. Therefore, I returned to a post I wrote back in the first couple of months of my blog to find some motivation. A Note to the Sleep Deprived.

Break it down into tiny little pieces

Rereading my own advice, I realised it fitted my runstreak perfectly. The thought of running every day at the beginning of December felt completely unachievable. However, reminding myself it is only a mile and breaking it down into tiny little itsy bitsy pieces, I found it achievable.

Someone recently said to me that while the children are young it is just about maintaining your running ability. Any small amount of running is better than none. There is time in the future for greater challenges. Right now a mile a day and a 5k A month is manageable and achieveable (even when it feels like a marathon, it is over in a flash).

“Each small step is an achievement…difficult times will pass and future steps will be easier.”


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