Day 20: OMG I’m tired

Day 20 of my #rwwinterrunstreak and I am tired. (Again). It’s been a time juggling day today. Having planned my run for 6am it didn’t happen. I lingered a moment too long in bed and Mr LMR pinched my running slot. Humph! It wasn’t entirely his fault as I had been up until 1am with Little Miss. She has another cold and despite falling asleep numerous times on me she couldn’t stay asleep as her nose kept getting blocked. It is really frustrating when all you want to do is go to bed because you’re tired and cold.

As my running slot was pinched I had to squeeze in a quick mile immediately after the school run. This required me to take a different bobbly route with the pushchair. Thankfully Little Miss wanted a little sleep but it was a bit of a chore. Forcing my tired body on with the pushchair going in all different directions.

Still, it is done. Another mile down. Here’s a very tired looking picture of me after I got back to the car. Running may seem crazy to some but to me it makes perfect sense and don’t forget, it is only a mile.


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