Day 18: Dear RunnersWorld. I did it!

Hi again Runners World,

I did it!!! I know I made excuses yesterday because I was so ready for a break. However, despite a hangover and a mountain of jobs, I did it! Just a mile, but I found myself being unable not to go.

We went straight to bed

I mentioned yesterday that I was out for the night last night. That the monkeys were sleeping out with grandparents and Little Miss was going for the first time. As they left I felt the guilt and the pull of initially missing them. Although as they left I knew I needed to have a rest from all of their needs. Just for a few hours.

When we got to our hotel we went to bed. Don’t get any ideas. We slept like a couple of Nannas napping in the afternoon. 45 minutes of uninterrupted nap. Pure bliss. Then a quick snack and off to the party. Fancy dress as Chas and Dave (I was Dave).

It wasn’t about running in the end

We went out and had an amazing night. It was family and friends, great music and a few fun and tonics. We danced, sang and laughed until 2am. Then we went back to the hotel and slept a whole lot more. Waking up then next morning, I knew already that I was going to run that day. Feeling tired but no longer exhausted by Monkey pressures. The mental uplift that comes from having adult company and laughter for just a few hours.

It turns out that it wasn’t about running in the end. It was about a little bit of a different kind of freedom. A grown up, conversation finishing, uninterrupted sleep kind of freedom.

All ready to take on the rest of the #rwwinterrunstreak

I am writing this in bed at the end of another long day. Laundry mountain conquered, school/work prep done, monkeys tucked up in bed too. In addition, my trainers are ready and waiting by the front door. My running clothes set out too. I take on the rest of the winter runstreak with a newly restored energy. One that only comes from taking a break of a different kind.

I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

Little Mummy Running xxx


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