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So here we are at the close of 2015. A year that has changed my life in so many ways. Before we progress much further, I will apologise as I have already had a very posh gin and tonic and three glasses of prosecco. This is not a normal occurrence and I am feeling surprisingly ok. When I read this back tomorrow I may think differently of course. In the last few weeks BM has decided that her bedtime is now no time before 11pm. Therefore my opportunity to write to you lovely people has been reduced. This is frustrating, especially as I wanted to write this post well before New Year’s Eve. I know it doesn’t really matter, however, I came up with a plan for 2016 and I didn’t want it to feel like a New Years resolution. I did, however, want to let you all know before the clock strikes 12 tonight.

Already running…sort of…

As some of you know, I went running this week. It was an opportunity that arose because the big monkeys were out for the afternoon. Although I had pre planned to go out that day, it was a flexible date with my running shoes. I had gone to bed believeing I would give BM her early morning feed around 5.45am then go out when she settled back down.  Despite my plan, BM woke up at 3am and settled around 3.45am. I was not running then! When it came to the actual run I was in two minds. The weather was lovely but I knew that there would be a lot of people in the park. I had already been passed in the street by my neighbours, whilst wrestling with the new pushchair attachment. It was chilly and I wasn’t convinced with how I was looking physically. What made me get out? My plan. I had already committed to it in my mind, shared it with a couple of people and made a date with destiny in 2016. To achieve it I had to get out.

The park was, as expected, heaving with families on various new wheeled Christmas presents. A surprising number of hover boards amongst them too. Feeling self conscious, I decided not to start with star jumps but walked a bit before breaking into a tentative trot. I had stopped being too body conscious after having children. Apart from the obvious  indignity in the preamble to childbirth, there was also the unfortunate incident of the tummy flattening swimsuit. Taken into the changing room with the hope of a beautiful beach body with none of the hard work, it became a day of humiliating defeat. Sadly I got trapped in said garment, sweating and traumatised, it took the best part of an hour to escape. Moments from pulling the emergency cord in the changing room I managed to wriggle free. No beach body would be worth that, especially not when you have the added issues provided by the monkeys. Try negotiating your way out of a dispute over how they all want to go to the beach but no one likes sand, when you have restricted the oxygen to your brain. In my mind, that day, I established that I no longer care. My body has done amazing things. I recovered from a c section and naturally birthed two babies. One with interventions the other with none at all. I remind myself of this, whenever I doubt my body or worry what others think about how it looks. Being comfortable is key.

so this week I ran with this in mind. Stayed at a comfortable pace and slowed to a walk when I needed to. The first lap was agony, the second surprisingly better. A positive start for my plan. What’s the plan I hear you cry. Well, drum roll please…

The plan for 2016…

In 2016 I want to complete a run a month for the whole year. I won’t be running a marathon and it won’t be too complicated. 5km runs to start with (and possibly end with) but one a month, every month. I plan to do this and blog my progress. I am going to work with the wonderful charity Raindrops to Rainbows in memory of my friend Heather. The charity works with those suffering with Post natal depression and their families. The theory is that my manageable challenges will encourage others to take a step out of the door and set achievable goals themselves. A small amount of exercise and fresh air is recommended to start to improve symptoms of depression and I hope my efforts will encourage others out into the fresh air. My second intention is to encourage others not to be alone. Therefore I am inviting you to come and support me. Run with me, walk with me or cheer from the sidelines. Just get out and see me.

My first challenge is a 5k run on 17th January in Ropner Park, Stockton on Tees. I’ll post the link later if you want to take part. I will also post a link to the go fund me page for the charity too, as I would love to raise some funds for a very worthy cause. My run this week demonstrated that I am no way ready to run a whole 5kms. However I am doing it anyway. Running and walking,  I will probably be at the back with my old friend the last man. But do you know what? I don’t care, because I need to get out and clear my head and I am ready to run.

As for tonight, I made it in just before midnight. I may re edit in the morning, when sober. Hopefully I won’t regret making my plan public as a result. For now though, I hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve and day. Make your resolutions manageable and if you don’t achieve them in January, no worries, there is always February. So happy new year and hopefully I will see some of you soon…



  1. Well done you. I’ve started with my first run today in nearly a year and it didn’t go as well as expected, still I managed more than I could from the sofa.

    What time are you running on the 17th? Xx

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