Day 24: Just a quick one

Day 24 of my #rwwinterrunstreak. I’m going to be quick because I am at a wedding. Child free and a little bit squiffy. It was a cold mile this morning. But I did a lap of the park. I marvelled at the fact that tomorrow I will run the same lap three times and finish … [Read more…]

Day 23: Finished for Christmas

Today I finished work for Christmas. It is a total relief. Even though my working days are possibly the least chaotic times in my week, the chaos which surrounds it makes it significantly more stressful. Please read There’s Half a Plastic Chicken in my Designer Handbag for a greater analysis of the blurred lines between working and … [Read more…]

Day 22: Getting ready to race

Day 22 of my #rwwinterrunstreak. I squeezed my mile in just after the school run again. A quick lap of the park and thankfully Little Miss had a little nap. If she’s awake these days we struggle to get past the swings without her trying to escape from the pushchair. Race numbers are here Just … [Read more…]

Day 20: OMG I’m tired

Day 20 of my #rwwinterrunstreak and I am tired. (Again). It’s been a time juggling day today. Having planned my run for 6am it didn’t happen. I lingered a moment too long in bed and Mr LMR pinched my running slot. Humph! It wasn’t entirely his fault as I had been up until 1am with … [Read more…]

Day 19: A little reminder about the rainbows

My #dailymile for #rwwinterrunstreak was done and dusted by 6.30am today. I am definitely grateful for the unusually mild weather that we are currently experiencing. Also, despite waking at 11.45pm Little Miss managed a full night’s sleep. Long may it continue (I’m not sure I will be that lucky however as there are a few more teeth … [Read more…]

Day 18: Dear RunnersWorld. I did it!

Hi again Runners World, I did it!!! I know I made excuses yesterday because I was so ready for a break. However, despite a hangover and a mountain of jobs, I did it! Just a mile, but I found myself being unable not to go. We went straight to bed I mentioned yesterday that I … [Read more…]

Dear Runnersworld

Dear Runnersworld (UK and USA),  I am writing to you with a confession. For the last 17 days I have been taking part in your Winter Run Streak. Since the 24th November I have made time to run 1 mile a day until today. I am writing this letter to you today to confess that … [Read more…]

Race 11: Sometimes it’s more than just raindrops

On Sunday morning I ran race 11 of my 2016 challenges. Can you believe it? Sometimes I am stunned that I have made it this far. Never more so than this month. With the dark nights, plummeting temperatures and now rain/sleet to contend with, motivation to keep running is in short supply. The usual and unusual monkey … [Read more…]